Investing in Smart Glass and Windows with View Stock

December 3. 2020. 5 mins read

They say you shouldn’t run a business unless you can describe what it is to a small child during an elevator ride. Here at Nanalyze, we find smart people who spent too much money on their educations and pay them peanuts to tell stories about exciting technology companies. Many of the people who read these stories want to invest in these companies, so they pay us money for our premium research. We then take that money and spend it on food, electricity, salaries, computers, and the occasional satchel of hard drugs. Now, go run along to your mommy little Timmy.

In a similar manner, investors love a big bold investment thesis that’s easy to understand. Cars that run on electricity, building a new type of motor, getting energy from the sun, these are all simple ideas that sound like they’d make for very lucrative investments. The same holds true for smart windows that can harvest solar power, tint on demand, or even display media.

Investing in Smart Windows

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Tomorrow’s smart cities will be full of

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