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November 14. 2020. 8 mins read

Invented by the Chinese more than 2,500 years ago, Go is thought to be the oldest board game ever played. There are vastly more possible Go games than there are subatomic particles in the known universe. In the beautiful documentary AlphaGo, we see the country of Korea captivated by an artificial intelligence (AI) program playing one of the best humans in Go, Lee Sedol, favored to win by a mile.

In March of 2016, human and machine sat down to a Go match – best of five games. In Game 2 – Move 37, the AI chose a higher probability of winning over a smaller margin win, an act of brilliance no human could conceive of. After losing 3 of 5 games, human Lee Sedol chose to keep playing. In Game 4 – Move 78, his unexpected wedge move, “God’s Touch,” was something the AI gave a 1 in 10,000 chance of happening. That move won Lee the game, and showed humans are still equally capable of brilliance.

Today, brilliant humans and the world’s “smartest” artificial intelligence algorithms are both being put to good use in something far more complex than Go – large multinational enterprises.

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The same year the algorithms were wreaking havoc on Korea’s national pride, we wrote about

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