Taking a Second Look at Beyond Meat Stock

The highest priority goal for every company has nothing to do with revenues or EBITDA. Regardless of its industry, size, location, or organizational structure, the number one thing a company needs to do is survive. According to McKinsey, that's becoming increasingly difficult:

In 1935, the life expectancy of an S&P 500 company was 90 years. By 2010, it was 14 years and studies show that it’s getting even shorter.  Credit: McKinsey & Company

McKinsey then gives a nod to Gartner's "organizational plasticity" with their own term, "activate agility." Call it what you will, both terms describe a company that has digitized its processes to maximize efficiency and flexibility using technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) or no-code platforms. Accelerated technological disruption is what drives the need for flexibility.

Rethinking the Food Chain

Companies that can't adapt their obsolete business processes to change will get acquired, merge, or go bust. ...

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