Square Stock vs. PayPal Stock vs. Adyen Stock

October 14. 2020. 7 mins read

Certain professions attract more self-important people than others, but none more than finance. It’s quite comical when you consider that over the long term, 95% of active managers – those who try and beat a broader market benchmark – cannot. There is no special magic required to be a good investor. Useful financial concepts can be made accessible to everyone, instead of pretending that investing is “complicated,” and best left to professionals.

When choosing between any number of stocks to invest in, analysts will often start whipping out P/E ratios and doing comparables, when a much simpler approach might be more effective. Stock prices constantly change, financial metrics change, so we like to take a holistic approach to stock picking while using the KISS principle. Today, we’re going to compare three fintech stocks – Square (SQ), PayPal (PYPL), and Adyen (ADYEN:NA).

What We Are Looking For

Before we start doing any comparisons, let’s define what we’re looking for. We recently released

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