Investing in Lithium Hasn’t Panned Out. Yet.

October 28. 2020. 6 mins read

Drones are now delivering goods and counting inventory in warehouses. Svelte electric vehicles are plying our roadways, powered by green electricity that comes from sophisticated solar microgrids. All this progress is made possible by the lithium ion battery. Intuitively, it may make sense to invest in lithium batteries, but there’s one problem. It’s the same problem that handed solar investors their asses when the price of solar panels plummeted.

Credit: Bloomberg

Lithium batteries have plummeted in price. Consequently, the number of economically viable use cases rises, thus increasing demand. Building more batteries at scale further decreases costs, and the cycle continues. Perhaps the best bet is to invest in the raw materials used to build lithium batteries – like lithium.

Investing in Lithium

Investing in lithium has always been a popular investment thesis, and

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