Augmedix Stock – A Remote Clinical Documentation IPO

We don't usually do this sort of stuff, but we'd like to start this article off letting everyone know about an exciting SPAC opportunity. John from Cameroon - a region in the great country of Africa - emailed us about a pre-revenue cosmetics/wood timber/software development outsourcing company that's looking for a SPAC to have an IPO with. They're dabbling in a bit of everything, so we're not sure how to do the comparables slide which benchmarks their lofty 2024-2025 revenue estimates against someone else's lofty 2024-2025 revenue estimates, but if you're interested, give us a shout. Moving on, today we're going to talk about a SPAC-like merger for a company that's a bit more focused. Augmedix is a startup we came across a while back that was developing a service offering which lets doctors use Google Glass during facetime with patients to reduce the need to take notes during consultations. Now, they've decided to go public using a shell company called Malo Holdings Corpo
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