Telehealth is More Than Just Virtual Doctor Visits

This past spring we wrote about "The Only Telehealth Stock for Telemedicine Investors," an article with a misleading title. That's because there soon may be two pure-play stocks to consider in this space. In that article, we noted that none of the other major players in telehealth are publicly traded, but "that could change now that the window of interest in telehealth has opened." It did change, as we may soon have another telehealth stock to consider.

Is Telehealth a Temporary Thesis?

We're always quite cautious about investing in temporary trends. Whenever new viruses emerge in faraway places, you'll see certain stocks react accordingly. Anyone remember Ebola stocks?

A temporary investment thesis - Credit: Google search results

We want nothing to do with a temporary investing thesis in much the same way we want nothing to do with speculating. That's why we've largely steered clear of the whole coronavirus vaccine thesis. Similarly, we're a bit concerned that telehealth ...

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