The Safest and Easiest Way to Invest in Bitcoin

September 25. 2020. 6 mins read

Albert Einstein once said that reality is an illusion, but a very persistent one. He could have easily made the same statement about money, only some of which has actual value. In Papua New Guinea, they use pigs for money. Even today, you can pick up a decent-looking younger wife for about five or six pigs. Using food as a mechanism to exchange value seems much less risky than using slips of paper. You can always eat the pigs, but those pieces of paper in your wallet are as useless as the plastic cards you use to dispense them.

If you’re okay with the entire monetary system being an illusion, you’re probably okay with the notion of bitcoin. Last week we asked, Is Investing in Bitcoin a Safe Haven Like Gold? At least one firm thinks so. ARK Invest calls bitcoin “the most compelling monetary asset to emerge since gold,” and thinks you ought to treat it like any other alternative asset class. Since bitcoin isn’t correlated to popular asset classes like stocks or bonds, it provides a form of diversification. Let’s talk about asset class allocation for a second.

Ask a CFA About Asset Class Allocation

One way you can learn about asset allocation is by studying for your CFA. This means your colleagues will see you in the conference room with your head down studying while they go out for Thirsty Thursday. If you’re lucky, the process only takes three grueling years. If you’re not, you may just never pass and say eff it. Or you can just imply you’re a CFA by quoting from the free refresher materials offered by the prestigious CFA Institute.

In CFA Program Level III, there’s a comprehensive document on

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