A Pure-Play Protein Engineering Stock

August 10. 2020. 6 mins read

The donkeys and the elephants are preparing for war in November when they should really be focused on more amazing things – like protein engineering. We recently wrote about how scientists are Designing Proteins to be Molecular Machines using algorithms that need to consider more amino acid combinations than atoms in the universe. The proteins responsible for nearly all of what happens in biology are made up of only 20 amino acids, with each protein having its own arrangement. Now, machine learning algorithms are helping us to create synthetic proteins that can do some remarkable things.

A great deal of innovation around protein engineering is coming out of the Institute for Protein Design in Seattle Washington which is churning out startups left and right. For retail investors wanting to get in on the action, there are some stocks offering pure-play exposure to the protein engineering theme. One of them is Codexis (CDXS), a company that’s focused on the “near infinite, untapped source of new value creating materials.”

About Codexis

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Founded in 2002, Codexis has taken a path that mimics many of the earliest

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