Nanox Reinvents X-Ray Machine, Files IPO

If your job is to screen hundreds of resumes to find the perfect candidate, it's impossible to compare them all, so you look for red flags. Something as simple as a typo will land your resume squarely in the circular filing cabinet because you clearly don't pay attention to details. Similarly, when you're assessing hundreds of tech stocks to find the best ones to invest in, you start by looking for risks you're not willing to take.

It's rare that we'll invest in companies with no revenues because they haven't shown what venture capitalists refer to as "traction." Demonstrating product-market fit is critical for startups, and equally critical for publicly traded stocks. When you invest in a company with no revenues, you're investing in the person who is promising those revenues. In the case of Nanox, that man is Ran Poliakine.

About Nanox

We first came across this company back in March when we published a piece titled Nanox Uses Nanofabrication for Digital Medical Imaging...

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