A $69 Billion Fintech Stock That’s Soaring

Finding about the merits of a given disruptive technology stock late in the game makes it tough for new investors to establish an entry point. Ideally, you identify a portfolio of stocks you like, and buy a little bit each month with the extra income you have because you live below your means. Then, you're able to diversify your emotions a bit. Stock goes up - you're happy because shares you hold appreciated, but sad because you're having to pay more for the same sharesStock goes down - you're sad because shares you hold are worth less, but happy because you're buying shares cheaper That's why sometimes it's good to just start investing right away because we all know it's about time in the market, not timing the market. That's easier said than done when a chart looks like this: Credit: Yahoo Finance The chart above is a fintech company that came across our radar recently that we'd like to own shares in. Let's start with some background as to how we came across this stock.
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