A 3D Printing Stock With Diversified Business Lines

The herd behaves in strange ways. Last time we looked, data science stock Alteryx was down -40% because they revised guidance. Like that was some big shocker. We all know about “the rona.” We know the entire global economy has taken a dramatic productivity hit. Yet, we all act surprised when a company revises guidance or reports lower than expected revenues.

A few weeks ago, 3D printing stock Materialise (MTLS) closed down -15% because Wall Street didn’t think their second quarter earnings were up to snuff. While the stock has rebounded since, we decide to take a closer look at this Belgian company which offers some diversified exposure to the 3D printing theme.

About Materialise

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Founded in 1990, Belgium-based 3D printing firm Materialise is one of the original pioneers of 3D printing. The company became publicly traded back in 2014 when 3D print

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