Making IBM Great Again With Artificial Intelligence

The larger a corporation becomes, the more processes are needed to control things, and sometimes you end up with a buzzword-laden monstrosity that’s nearly impossible to figure out. Warren Buffet often advises to “invest in what you know,” which is perhaps why IBM turned out to be one of his biggest investment mistakes. As longtime IBM shareholders, we always need to remind ourselves why we still hold this flailing computing stock. It’s because of dividend growth.

IBM has not only paid a dividend for the past 25 years but increased that dividend every single year. Over the past 10 years, dividend growth has averaged 11.6% per year, handily outpacing inflation. It’s why IBM is one of the top-ten stocks to hold based on our Quantigence dividend growth investing strategy.

Quantigence - a dividend growth investing strategy
IBM’s high Q-score – Credit: Quantigence

About once a year we like to check in with each of our core holdings to see what’s been going on. It’s been two years since we looked at IBM’s blockchain aspirations, so let’s start with the big

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