A Guide to Investing in Gene Editing Stocks

If we had to pick one disruptive technology that has the most potential to change mankind, it would be subset of nanotechnology called synthetic biology (or synbio). A critical component of synbio is gene editing. You cannot have one without the other. When many people first hear about the potential of gene editing, they want to invest in it. The goal of this guide is to make sure investors with no domain knowledge whatsoever are equipped with just the information they need to invest in pure-play gene-editing stocks.

What is Gene Editing?

Simply put, gene editing allows us to change the genetic makeup of organisms. Gene editing isn't considered to be GMO because it's a much more precise method of genetic engineering. One controversial use case is using gene editing on humans at the germline which means we can start to remove defects such as inherited diseases and (here's where it starts getting really controversial) perhaps even increase traits that are more desirable, such as i...

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