All About the Berkeley Lights Stock IPO

June 29. 2020. 6 mins read

For some reason, IPOs are coming out of the woodwork these days. Seems strange when you consider that just three months ago, all hell was breaking loose, and everyone seems to have forgotten about that. In fact, since the first-ever mention of the Woohoo Flu, the Nasdaq has gone up by +13%. Maybe everyone’s rushing to IPO before the door slams shut again?

It was only several months ago that we wrote about “How Berkeley Lights Enables Synthetic Biology,” and now they’ve filed for an IPO, which means we get to take a look under the hood. We’ll assume you’re already familiar with the company from our previous piece and jump right into their S-1 filing to look for juicy insights.

Berkeley Lights Stock Offered to Public

The value proposition on offer from Berkeley Lights is that researchers can do a lot more, with a lot less, and do it much quicker. An entire roomful of equipment can be replaced with a single platform called The Beacon Optofluidic System where wells are replaced with chips. (Remember organs-on-a-chip? Well this is lab-on-a-chip.) The core technology behind the Beacon platform are OptoSelect chips that contain thousands of NanoPen chambers which are like wells on a microplate.

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