ArcherDX Promises Precision Oncology For All

Trying to monitor what's happening in the disruptive technology space is a difficult task, especially in the broad area of life sciences. We try to keep tabs on any IPO which dabbles in any of the 60 disruptive technology themes we research here at Nanalyze. Usually, we'll have come across a company prior to their IPO announcement. Last May, we saw that ArcherDX took some funding, and we added them to our long list of topics to write about. Yesterday, they filed for an IPO, which means they now move to the front of the queue. ArcherDX hopes to apply personalized medicine to cancer treatment and make it available for all.

What does ArcherDX Do?

Founded in 2013, Boulder, Colorado startup ArcherDX has taken in a total of $150 million in funding so far to develop "a leading genomics company democratizing precision oncology." In other words, they want to make personalized cancer testing available to everyone. As we've talked about before, the mythical "cure for cancer" doesn't ac...

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