All About Nikola Motor Company’s Stock Offering

May 28. 2020. 9 mins read

In our recent guide to investing in fuel cell stocks, we reflected on how the hydrogen economy hasn’t quite matured and – according to Elon Musk – shouldn’t ever mature. Battery-powered vehicles seem to be working out just fine, so why reinvent the wheel? At least one company disagrees with Mr. Musk. Nikola Motor Company thinks that the killer use case for hydrogen fuel cells is semi trucking. And they may become publicly traded soon. (Nearly all of the below information was taken from the VectoIQ SEC filing, and a small portion from the Nikola Motor Company website.)

About Nikola Motor Company

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Founded in 2015, Nikola Motor Company has raised over $500 million in funding so far from investors that include Bosch and the U.S. Department of Energy. Nikola is a self-described “vertically integrated zero-emissions transportation systems provider” whose core offering surrounds two types of Class 8 semi trucks.

  • Battery-electric vehicle (“BEV“)
  • Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (“FCEV“)

BEVs and FC

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