Mesoblast Stock Soars on Promise of Cellular Medicine

Longevity is potentially a trillion-dollar industry - until it isn't, because we can't keep the vulnerable safe from the latest pandemic. The Woohoo Flu has us distracted from the longevity thesis for a bit as the medical community scrambles to deal with something we can't control. A lack of information and a fractured population means it's also becoming political. At least we should all be grateful the overall mortality rates are low or we'd be royally screwed. Eventually, humankind will sort this out just like every other challenge we've been given, and we'll all get back to being excited about the prospect of living to 120 because of advances being made in regenerative medicine. As we discussed in our article on 9 Regenerative Medicine Companies for Living Longer, regenerative medicine is a broad category that's all about restoring the structure and function of damaged tissues or organs using everything from stem cells to 3D bioprinters. Today, we want to discuss a publicly-trad
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