The Only Telehealth Stock for Telemedicine Investors

April 11. 2020. 5 mins read

Telemedicine and telehealth, two words that have suddenly become extremely popular with the investment community. In order to be successful investors, we need to distinguish between fads and disruptive innovation. When environments change to favor a particular type of technology, we need to figure out if those headwinds are temporary.

A few years back, we wrote about “8 Telemedicine Startups to Watch – Half Use AI.” These 8 startups are developing telemedicine solutions which plan to dramatically reduce the average 18.5 days most people wait to see a doctor. Why wait in the doctor’s office when telehealth services can be accessed from the comfort of your own bed? Making doctors available any time seems like a great business model if people or organizations are willing to pay for a doctor on demand. And they are, because having people consult physicians using telehealth channels saves organizations money.

Telehealth or Telemedicine?

We typically see these two terms used interchangeably, but they actually do differ. According to The American Academy of Family Physicians, “telehealth is different from telemedicine in that it refers to a broader scope of remote health care services than telemedicine.” For the sake of this article, we’ll consider the two terms to be synonymous. 

The Arrival of Social Distancing

We might be the only ones who are just realizing this now, but the earliest date at which someone might have suspected something was rotten

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