Invest in Many Types of AI Chips With One Stock

If you do some Google searches for the term "how to invest in artificial intelligence stocks," you'll find a plethora of opinions about what companies you ought to be looking at. Typically, you'll get the "invest in everything with Google" type recommendations which just list some popular tech stocks along with the obligatory NVIDIA (NVDA) mention. (NVIDIA produces artificial intelligence chips - commonly called GPUs - that are used ubiquitously for machine learning, at least for now.) Aside from investing in AI chips with NVIDIA, pure-play AI stocks have been far and few between. (Unless you're a Nanalyze Premium subscriber, in which case you'll know about 12 pure-play AI stocks to invest in.) Now that most companies use machine learning in some way, the definition of an "AI stock" is becoming ever more blurry. As with any disruptive technology, machine learning is changing quickly. Today's leader can quickly become tomorrow's laggard. That's why chipmakers like NVIDIA are constantly
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