How AI Chips Are Changing the Semiconductor Industry

Our previous series on the global AI race highlighted how mastering artificial intelligence has become a geopolitical competition. Nearly all developed countries are now talking about how much they plan to focus on improving their AI capabilities. While others plan to plan, China and the U.S. seem to be vying for leadership, each country seeing their relative position through their own lens. When it comes to who controls the picks and shovels, one country has the upper hand. “...the complex supply chains needed to produce leading-edge AI chips are concentrated in the United States and a small number of allied democracies...”CSET Report - AI Chips: What they Are and Why They Matter That’s just one of the interesting insights you’ll find in a report released this month by the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) titled “AI Chips: What they Are and Why They Matter.” Founded just last year, CSET is a privately-funded think tank that provides U.S. policymake
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