The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Thesis

March 31. 2020. 6 mins read

If you were only allowed to invest your money in one stock, you wouldn’t be criticized by many for choosing Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). No matter what happens, we’ll always need healthcare products and services. The company’s revenues are diversified by geography and business line, providing the sort of consistency that’s led them to 36 consecutive years of earnings growth. Many consumers might associate the company with baby care products, but fast-moving consumer goods are just a fraction of what the company actually dabbles in:

JNJ 2019 Revenues – Credit: JNJ

If you happen to be a dividend growth investor, you’ll love that JNJ has managed to not only pay, but increase their dividend, every year for the past 57 years. That’s why they’re one of the top-three dividend growth investing (DGI) stocks according to the Quantigence methodology:

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