What’s Happening with 3D Printing Stock Titomic (TTT)?

For your average John Doe investor with a brokerage account, investing in disruptive technologies like 3D printing can seem futile. Even if you can avoid the over the counter (OTC) companies pretending to be pure-play stocks, investing in actual pure-play stocks may empty your wallet simply because the entire business model changed. Even if you don't try to cherry pick the next Microsoft and choose the "safe" option of investing in a 3D printing ETF, you still might not be putting your chips in the right places. Take for example the ARK Invest 3D Printing ETF (PRNT) which is based on the Total 3D Printing Index. About six months ago, one of our MBAs began going through the "3D printing stocks" in this index looking for interesting stocks to write about. The two stocks we covered so far didn't have much to do with 3D printing, but were intriguing discoveries nonetheless. Investing in IoT and Augmented Reality with PTC Inc. Altair Engineering Stock is a Play on Simulated Design T
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