This Little-Known 5G Stock is About to Blow

November 12. 2019. 5 mins read

We’ve learned the hard way that researching and writing about exciting technologies doesn’t mesh well with being a prudent investor. Rare is the person who can identify the next Microsoft, get in at the right price and with a meaningful amount of capital at stake, and then sell at the right time. The reality is that no matter how exciting a technology sounds – and they all sound pretty exciting – there’s probably some evolution waiting to disrupt everything all over again. A great example would be 3D printing stocks. Turns out having a 3D printer in every house wasn’t the way forward, and neither was hiring Will.I.Am to be your company’s Chief Creative Officer. The whole debacle left 3D printing investors wondering, where is the love?

The love was to be found in a whole lot of companies developing various methods of 3D printing for metals, and a whole bunch of other companies creating “on-demand manufacturing” business models. Stocks like Proto Labs soared, while stocks like 3D Systems floundered miserably. The key takeaway here is that it’s very difficult to pick the winners, especially when everyone has a different strong opinion about who the winners will be. Let’s take 5G as

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