Maxar Technologies: A Risky NewSpace Stock

October 7. 2019. 6 mins read

It’s been a little over two years since we were scouring the stock market universe looking for “picks-and-shovels” plays which stand to benefit from all the money pouring into the space industry, something which prompted us to ask Will NewSpace Supernova Into a Trillion Dollar Business? Morgan Stanley thinks it will by 2040, and they put together a list of “Space 20” stocks that didn’t seem to quite capture the exposure we’d expect from a NewSpace themed stock portfolio.

Credit: CNBC

If you’re wondering why names like GoDaddy and Shopify make the list, they’re expected to reap benefits as everyone around the world connects to the Internet and immediately becomes a future customer. (Except for the Chinese, who constitute one in five people on this planet but are suspiciously absent from the above list.) Morgan Stanley provides a breakdown of where they expect the NewSpace growth to come from. The category referred to as “second order impacts” captures the growth expected in a world where everyone is connected to the Internet.

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