Stryker’s Adoption of Robotics and 3D Printing

September 6. 2019. 7 mins read

As the Nanalyze brand continues to grow, so do the number of emails we receive on any given day. From the interesting schizophrenics that email us, to the uninteresting public relations people that think we’ll drop everything and write about their paying clients for free, people email us with all kinds of different questions. One commonly asked question is what stocks we invest in ourselves. We’ve talked before about how the lion’s share of our personal investments are tied up in a dividend growth investing strategy that rewards those companies which have not only paid but increased dividend payments for a long period of time.

Dividend Growth Champions

They say that any entrepreneur should be able to explain their business model to a nine-year old over the duration of a 30-second elevator ride. The ability to simplify what your business does and explain it quickly shows you truly understand your value proposition. The same holds true for investing strategies. Here’s a quick explanation of Dividend Growth Investing (DGI).

When you buy a 10-year bond, you receive a fixed income stream over ten years which decreases in value because of inflation. In other words, a 3% yearly inflation in the cost of goods means a dollar today is worth only 74 cents in 10 years’ time. If you are retired and receiving a fixed income stream, this means your quality of life decreases over time. On the other hand, what if that income stream increased over time at a rate that exceeds inflation? Your quality of life increases over time

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