How to Tell if a Cannabis Stock is Good or Bad

The basic principles underlying a successful investment strategy haven't changed for centuries. Don't put all your eggs in one basket (diversification), don't let your emotions guide your decisions (market timing), a penny saved is worth two in the bush (the time value of money), always get a prenup no matter what (common sense), and never ask the barber if you need a haircut (don't trust financial advisers) - these are all timeless principles, each of which business school professors have turned into an entire series of classes. Investing shouldn't be that difficult. Nor should we be relegated to a man wearing a Ferragamo tie - who rode the subway into work - telling us where he thinks we ought to invest our money. People often email us asking which cannabis stock they should invest $50 in, or which cannabis stocks are "good" or "bad." We use this opportunity to point out what a giant convoluted mess the "cannabis industry" is in right now, especially when it comes to vetting
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