The 10X Genomics IPO and Single-Cell Sequencing

August 24. 2019. 6 mins read

Over the last few weeks, pundits have been tearing apart the WeWork Initial Public Offering (IPO), and uncovering all kinds of things to write about. It’s a company that’s raised some eyebrows because of their burn rate (between $150 – 200 million a month) and the company’s vague business model which some have described as a “masterpiece of obfuscation.” An article by Fortune talks about how the word “energy” is used 13 times in their S-1 filing and that the CEO of WeWork apparently once told a reporter that their 11-figure valuation “had less to do with its revenue than its energy and spirituality.” Perhaps the most entertaining analysis came from Elizabeth Pitt over at The Verge who thinks WeWork Isn’t a Tech Company; It’s a Soap Opera. For example, here’s a look at WeWork’s corporate org chart that leaves her at a loss for words.

WeWork looks like the sort of company that might corner you in the office break-room and keep asking if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be financially independent.

All of the information that fueled these articles on WeWork can be found in a mandatory document that gets filed with the S

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