Why Did Electra Meccanica and Arcimoto Stocks Soar?

February 25. 2019. 7 mins read

One of the problems that we face when talking about “green technology” and the environment is that it’s nearly impossible not to step on a political landmine these days. Because United States politics have become so divisive now, even caring for Mother Nature has been commandeered into a political talking point. Some publications that cover green technology exclusively have pretty much thrown all bipartisanship out the window now and consider anyone who doesn’t accept every word of their narrative to have a double-digit IQ. Still, they have great content and we do learn lots of things from them, so we accept their decision to alienate half their American audience.

One green tech publication that may or may not fit our aforementioned description penned an article a few days ago titled “Electric Cars Are About To Absolutely Demolish Gasmobiles” in which the author goes off on a lengthy diatribe that leads to the following conclusion (we’re paraphrasing here); “electric cars will become cheaper to own than gas vehicles at which point only a sucker would buy a gas vehicle.”

That may be the case for poor people like us, but for people with money, the biblical sound of a Jaguar F Type S V6 (a car that actually gets pretty decent gas mileage) is worth every damn penny, no mat

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