Green Growth Brands Stock + Aphria Stock = ?

When we approach any particular investment opportunity, we try not to get too overwhelmed by the marketing spin and focus purely on what common sense tells us about what we see. When it comes to investing in marijuana stocks, you really need to try to avoid spin. Fortunately, we have unique insights into this space because lots of people talk to us. These conversations happen with the many retail investors who read what we have to say and ask for our opinions on various things, or a fair number of companies that ask us to write about them. Of course, we rarely dispense any additional advice from what we've already said publicly, and we rarely choose to write about companies that approach us because we usually can't tell a very good story about their value propositions. What we do in all cases though, is always call it as we see it. When we read today's news about a company called Green Growth Brands (GGB), which wants to use their Green Growth Brands stock for a hostile takeover of A
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