Cronos Group Stock – What You Need to Know

December 8. 2018. 5 mins read

As retail investors, we don’t have the resources needed to thoroughly analyze every investment we make. Realize that there are professionals who dedicate their entire lives analyzing a particular niche of investments, and they largely get it wrong based on the fact that 80% of investment managers can’t outperform a market benchmark. Still, it pays to “follow the money” as they say. In the case of marijuana, large corporate investors have shown interest in the sector from the makers of Corona beer to even Warren Buffet’s darling, Coca-Cola. The latest news to hit the wire is that Altria (MO), the $100 billion owner of the Marlboro brand, has decided to throw their hat into the marijuana ring with a $1.8 billion investment that sent Cronos Group Stock (CRON) soaring to new heights. It’s not the first time we’ve heard of Cronos Group.

(All numbers in USD because most of our readers hail from ‘Murica.)

Making Sense of Cronos Group Stock

Click for company websiteThis past March, we profiled this holding company in an article on 

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