The Best Marijuana Penny Stock Doesn’t Exist

Over the past five years we've been writing about disruptive technologies - or in the case of marijuana, disruptive investment themes - we've moved away from covering over-the-counter (OTC) companies which are commonly referred to as "penny stocks." To be clear, the one and only reason we ever "covered" OTC stocks was to warn investors about them. It used to be that some OTC companies approached us asking for "media coverage," and they stopped doing that real quick once they realized that we were not afraid to find all their red flags and quickly warn investors, instead of fawning all over them like a bunch of sycophants. The same thing holds true today, and will always hold true. In 99% of cases, we caution investors to avoid OTC companies and penny stocks completely. Any competent investor with the slightest bit of experience will tell you the same thing - never dabble in this space - especially as a newbie investor, which many "marijuana stock investors" are. Oftentimes, when we
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