Hexo Corp Stock – What You Need to Know

"‘Mispriced’ Pot Stock Hexo Looks to New York to Boost Profile," read the title of an article by Bloomberg just a few weeks ago. What this really means is that the stakeholders over at Hexo aren't too happy that Hexo Corp stock hasn't achieved the sky-high valuations that their competitors have. If indeed there is "value" to be had here for today's cannabis investor, it merits a closer look using our favorite comparative metric. It's one simple question: How much marijuana are you selling? The Bloomberg article presents the below chart which is rather upsetting to look at considering that Bloomberg should know better than this: Simply comparing market caps tells us absolutely nothing about the underlying businesses and how they compare. A simple method of comparison is to look at how much weed is being sold by these companies. Here's a comparison with slightly more color: In the above charts, we see how Hexo's revenues and "kilos sold" is proportional to Bloomberg's market cap
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