Blackberry – An Enterprise of Things Stock

November 18. 2018. 5 mins read

If you’ve ever been in a business strategy class, you’ve probably been asked the big question. What’s the number one thing that a business needs to do? You might hear answers that talk about profitability, shareholders, and revenues. Those are all answers that make sense, but they’re not the right answer. The number one thing any business needs to do is survive. When you see large businesses fail, it’s because they didn’t focus on this single goal. When a business is in dire straits, and some BSD walks in there and turns things around, it’s a testament to why we pay C-level talent such ridiculously high levels of compensation. (Marissa Mayer being one exception.) Take a look at the below chart:

Blackberry's shrinking business
Source: Blackberry

That red X you see above is when a man by the name of John Chen stepped into Blackberry (BB) as their new CEO and Chairman. Since then, he has led the company through a period of falling revenues and losses to a point where profitability has actually been restored. The icing on the cake? He just made a $1.6 billion acquisition, picking up a firm we’ve talked about before that uses

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