Aurora Cannabis Stock – What You Need to Know

October 20. 2018. 6 mins read

The frenzy to invest in cannabis stocks continues as companies scramble to raise as much capital as possible under the most favorable terms. Never mind the herd of investors who are generating so much hype that it’s starting to make ICOs look tame. We continue to get in front of this train to talk some common sense into the newbie investors who may have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. We’re largely talking about people who have never invested a penny in the stock market before, and think that now is the time to bet the farm on a cannabis stock or two. Some criteria that an amateur investor might apply when looking for cannabis stocks to invest in include:

  • Stocks that are easy to access through any broker – Right now, most cannabis stocks trade on Canadian exchanges.
  • Stocks that are big – In the investing world, bigger isn’t always better when “bigger” can happen in days as stocks sore to incredibly high valuations. With that said, it’s usually less risky to invest in larger companies, generally speaking.
  • Stocks that media pundits like Cramer like to blabber on about – When stocks are constantly talked about, names stick in people’s heads.

There’s a stock that will soon meet all three of these criteria, and it’s called Aurora Cannabis.

A Vertically Integrated Cannabis Producer

Click for company website

Given that Aurora Cannabis

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