A Marijuana Venture Capital Firm Has an IPO

If you were watching the market yesterday, you may have noticed the complete lunacy on display as shares of Tilray breached $250 per share. It's almost impossible to fathom such irrational exuberance. When the company CEO sat down on CNBC's Mad Money recently, talking about his company reaching a $100 billion market cap, people must have actually interpreted that as solid investment advice. Just to put this share price increase into perspective, at yesterday's peak, Tilray was more valuable than any of the below companies: Best Buy - Sold $39 billion of technology products, services, and solutions in 2017 Hershey Company - Sold $7.5 billion of confectionery products in 2017 Tyson Foods - Sold $38 billion of chicken, beef, pork, and prepared foods in 2017 Stanley Black & Decker - Sold $12.7 billion worth of tools and storage, accessories, and security solutions in 2017 Nasdaq Inc. - A financial exchange that cleared nearly $4 billion in 2017, and ironically, t
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