Exact Sciences’ Stock is Soaring – Here’s Why

In a recent article, we talked about how the mythical "cure for cancer" doesn't actually exist. There is no one-size-fits-all cure for the over 100 types of cancer out there, not to mention the advances being made in cancer genomics that show just how many unique variations of cancer there are. Everyone's cancer is unique, and the path we're going down now is genomic profiling and personalized treatment. That's for people who have mid to late-stage cancer, but for the earlier stages, we may be able to "cure cancer" through early detection. While startups like Grail are ramping up to dominate early detection at a broader level, other companies are already making loads of money off of tests that can detect specific types of cancer before they become problematic. One such company is Exact Sciences (EXAS). Founded in 1995, Exact Sciences became a publicly traded company in early 2001 after which time the stock stagnated for about fifteen years, eventually reaching an all-time
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