Tilray IPO Offers U.S. Investors New Cannabis Stock

The world is going to pot. Or, more specifically, the whole world seems to be smoking it. Last month, Canada legalized recreational marijuana, setting Oct. 17 as the first day for sales. That makes our great neighbor to the north only the second country in the world to completely legalize it, following Uruguay. The African country of Lesotho shipped weed to Canada earlier this year. Vermont became the ninth state in the United States to allow recreational marijuana, and there are 30 states with some form of medical cannabis. The federal government is mulling the idea to remove ganja from Schedule 1 classification, especially after the Food and Drug Administration approved the first cannabis-based drug, which is used to treat seizures. There is a strain named after Tommy Chong. No wonder so many companies are going public, with Canada-based Tilray the latest to offer a cannabis stock through IPO on the NASDAQ. A New Cannabis Stock for U.S. Investors The Tilray IPO Eyeing a $100 millio
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