Liquidia Technologies’ Stock to be Sold in IPO

If you're lucky enough to raise funding for your startup, you will then need to contend with new stakeholders that want to see "an exit". When we refer to an exit, we refer to an event that takes place where the investors who gave you money, then get their money back - ideally, more money than they gave you initially. These exits usually come in the form of an acquisition or an Initial Public Offering (IPO). In the case of an IPO, retail investors can then buy shares of your startup since they will now be publicly traded. That's why we keep a close eye on IPOs to see what's being offered, especially those that are relevant to the themes we cover here on Nanalyze. As it turns out, a company we profiled a few years back called Liquidia Technologies has filed for an IPO. A Liquidia Technologies IPO Founded way back in 2004, Liquidia Technologies was a company we first profiled back in March of 2016 in an article titled "Liquidia: Joseph DeSimone’s Nanotechnology Company". The com
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