5 Marijuana ETFs for Investing in Cannabis

We’ve been on one of those kind of trips recently. You know the kind: Strapped into the memory time machine, revisiting the past to make sense of the present to think about the future. Old friends growing older but not out of date—others past their expiration date—as we wound our way around the good U.S. of A, in a stuttering old green Subaru wagon, before arriving home for a while. Deep isht like that, which is to say that we’re in the right frame of mind to talk about investing in cannabis. After all, who knew that a journey that started more than a half-century ago to smoke weed and chill to music would morph into a billion-dollar industry with Snoop Dogg being both a venture capitalist and the name of an Indica hybrid called Snoop Dogg OG. Specifically, we’re talking about investing in marijuana ETFs. That subject first came up last April when the world’s first marijuana ETF, Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (TSE:HMMJ), premiered on the Toronto Stock Exch
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