Bloom Energy Stock on Offer in a Planned IPO

June 15. 2018. 6 mins read

For whatever reason, people seem to be extremely interested in Bloom Energy’s value proposition – large scale fuel cells called “Bloom Energy Servers” that turn natural gas into electricity at a cheaper cost than market rates. While fuel cells are commonly thought of for use cases like propelling vehicles or powering smartphones, Bloom Energy appears to have successfully commercialized “30-foot shipping container sized fuel cells” that convert natural gas to electricity, enough to power a big box retailer:

Generating electricity completely off the grid also resolves a lot of worries for the Business Continuity Planning (BCP) folks who previously needed to be concerned about backup electricity planning. (BCP people are responsible for making sure that when an earthquake goes off in San Francisco at the same time a typhoon happens in Manila, you can still service your customers.) Another benefit is that fuel cells are environmentally friendly, which means your marketing team can talk about how much you give back to the community.

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