Oxford Nanopore Sequencing vs. Illumina

If you are lucky enough to have spent upwards of six figures on your MBA, you may be tempted to think that it was a waste of money now that the robots are in the process of devouring just about every job there is. That’s just not the case though. MBAs happen to be equipped with some very sophisticated tools that a robot would never be able to use – like Porter’s 5 Forces:

Source: Mind Tools

If you ever decide to whip out Porter’s Five Forces in a real-world situation, don’t. You’ll look like a complete tool. However, behind closed doors, it can be a useful framework for analyzing the competitive environment for any given company.

While reflecting on what geniuses we are for having backed the truck up on some shares of Illumina a few years back, we decided to analyze the company’s competitive position in order to help us sleep well at night. Illumina has a commanding market share, but ask any company in that position what makes them most nervous and they’ll tell you it’s being the market leader in a high-margin business. Such a situation is bound to attract competitors, and one such name that cropped up on our radar is a British startup called Oxford Nanopore Technologies.

About Oxford Nanopore Technologies

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