4 Blockchain ETFs for Investing in Blockchain

When it comes to telling people what your business does, you're supposed to have what's called an "elevator pitch". It's a succinct way to describe your value proposition that doesn't bore people to tears. When describing Nanalyze, we always use the same example. Suppose your dad was watching the evening telly and saw an excerpt on gene editing. He thinks it's the most amazing thing he's ever heard of, and decides he wants to invest in gene editing. He plugs that exact term into Google, investing in gene editing, and that's where our article pops up - Investing in CRISPR: Which Gene Editing Stock to Buy? What we do is tell investors how they might (or might not) be able to get pure-play exposure to tomorrow's most exciting technologies. There are many reasons why investing in disruptive technologies like gene editing can be difficult for retail investors. Mainly it's because most of the opportunities are to be found in startups, not publicly traded companies. Then you have OTC stocks
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