10 New Canadian Marijuana Stocks Added to HMMJ

March 23. 2018. 8 mins read

We never cease to be amazed by the number of people who suddenly want to dabble in the stock market now that “marijuana stocks” have become a thing. Many of these well-intentioned folks will have never invested until now, so we always like to use this as an opportunity to educate. You do not get rich by trying to pick “the next Microsoft“, but instead by investing in boring old investment products that will very slowly make you rich over long periods of time. Or you can opt to become an emotional wreck while watching the price of your new marijuana stock investment whipsaw back and forth over time, with many cannabis stocks eventually going to zero. That’s why if you must invest in marijuana stocks, take a look at the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF (“HMMJ”).

We first showed you how to buy HMMJ back on 4/20 of 2017, a fitting day to discuss the merits of the world’s largest marijuana ETF that has now amassed around $700 million in assets. If you’re not familiar with how an ETF works, it’s simply a basket of stocks that trades just like a single stock. The people who manage the basket collect a fee, in this case about .85% (frankly, that’s a bit on the high side). For that fee, they are responsible for determining which stocks go into the basket initially, and which stocks get added or removed over time (a

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