How to Invest in China and Buy Chinese Stocks

November 16. 2017. 6 mins read

There’s something happening in the United States in case you haven’t noticed. It has nothing to do with politics, or all the pearl-clutching over the celebrity scandal du jour. It crosses the boundaries of presidential tenures, and is perhaps most evident to those who live outside the country. America is losing its edge to China.

Maybe it’s China’s dramatic growth of output, maybe it’s their desire to clean up after themselves now, or maybe it’s their population migration into the mega cities. It’s probably a bit of all those things, but one thing for certain that contributes to their success is that Chinese people work their asses off. Their work ethic is second to none, and they aren’t constantly looking over their back fearful that they’ll be subject to trial by social media (your “social burden” as one of our local Chinese friends coined it). Maybe that’s because they’ve banned the world’s biggest distraction platform, Facebook, and all that extra time on their hands is being used to create value:

When it comes to working with the Chinese, they’re not as aggressively competitive as the Indians, or at least they don’t show it on the surface. Their calm collectivism makes things operate smoothly, and their strong work ethic and family values keep them localized and productive. It’s almost like America was in the 50s and 60s, with overheated housing markets an

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