5 ETFs and Funds Using AI for Stock Selection

A topic here on Nanalyze that has generated a great deal of interest is that of using artificial intelligence for stock trading. When we talk about stock trading though, it's too vague unless we provide some sort of time frame. There are black box trading algorithms that can conduct 100s of trades per second and they don't need AI to do that. On the other hand, there are AI algorithms being used by some of the world's most successful hedge funds that capture alpha without anyone knowing what they actually get up to. When it comes to your average retail investor, there aren't many options for investment products that use AI for stock selection. We talked about this in an article titled Can Artificial Intelligence be Used For Stock Trading? Still, we can expect to see various investment products emerge that claim to use AI to generate alpha and retail investors will hop on for the ride. There are people out there who "invest" in ICOs proving that you can now sell people just ab
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