Which Marijuana Stock is the Biggest One of All?

October 20. 2017. 5 mins read

With the launch of our new website, we have mapped out 12 categories of disruptive technologies that we’ll continue to write about for our rapidly growing audience of lovely readers. After four years of writing about all facets of disruptive technologies, we’ve noticed how often people come around who have never invested before and want to start now because they’re so excited about a particular technology. This puts us in an excellent place to educate people who are new to investing about all the pitfalls out there – like ICOs or OTC stocks. Surprisingly, the investment theme we cover which attracts the most interest from newbie investors is marijuana.

Like most disruptive technologies, the opportunity to make some serious money from the legalization of marijuana in the United States is largely restricted to startups, a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by some of the nation’s most prominent venture capitalists. Sure, we put out a list of 57 “marijuana stocks” but if you go through it in detail you’ll see how most are OTC garbage that you shouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. Legitimate plays include

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