A Machine Vision Stock for Investors to Watch

While we don't have humanoid robots wandering the streets just yet, it's only a matter of time now. Since the ability for a robot to walk on two legs like a human has been sorted, now we just need to give the robots eyes so they can see where they are going and walk slowly on the sidewalk while checking their smartphones. This ability for machines to see is being manifested in a number of ways. The first is for still images, and we see that medical imaging algorithms already have better eyesight than humans do. Then, there's the ability to see in real-time like humans do. This is what autonomous vehicles companies are working on, primarily by using LiDAR and computer vision. One really cool company working on computer vision is Cognex (NASDAQ:CGNX). We first highlighted CGNX back in February 2016 in an article titled "Cognex Machine Vision – Bionic Eyes for Robots". Since that article, shares of CGNX have soared +223% compared to a Nasdaq return of just +45%. If you failed to jump
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