WTF Happened to Bind Therapeutics?

It’s hard to say just how many publicly traded stocks we’ve covered so far on Nanalyze, but we’d guess that around 40% of our articles involve a publicly traded stock that has some degree of exposure (or claimed exposure) to one or more emerging technologies. If we take out all the over the counter (OTC) garbage, we’ve probably covered somewhere around 180 publicly traded companies from across the globe. Of these, we’ve made investments in but a small handful.

The truth is that technology investing is extremely risky, even in a bull market. Take Bind Therapeutics (OTCMKTS:BINDQ) as an example. We first wrote about Bind back in August of 2014 with an article titled “Nano Drug Delivery IPO of Bind Therapeutics“. We liked the story they were telling (never invest in a story), and decided to pick up a small block of shares. Here is how well that position has performed:

Now we have to fill out some dumb form and then we may get a few dollars in the future after bankruptcy proceedings are complete. Why didn’t we sell sooner instead of getting to a point where our shares are nearly worthless? Well, we’d like to say that it’s because we’re investors, not speculators, and we only enter positions that we have complete conviction in so we hold to the bitter end or until the story changes. The truth is though, we weren’t paying attention to our Bind stock position because we were too busy writing great articles for our lovely r

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