Which is the Best Marijuana Stock to Buy?

With more than 15,000 social media shares, one of our most popular articles has been "How to buy Marijuana Stocks for Dummies". The entire reason for writing that article was because every single day, we were receiving inquiries from people on "how can I buy marijuana stocks". We expect that same sort of response when any new investment theme becomes hyped, which is why we recently wrote about how "investing in artificial intelligence stocks is BS". Now, the most frequent question we're getting is "what is the best marijuana stock to buy?". We've talked before about 5 medical marijuana stocks that are legitimate plays on the cannabis theme. Since that article last December, our diversified portfolio of medical marijuana stocks is up +30%: If you sign up for a Motif Investing account, you can create your own Motif, or you can even buy the one we created above with no minimum deposit required. However, that still doesn't answer the question of "which marijuana stock to buy" be
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